A/EPC Services

We have designed/built under many sets of different circumstances, which can enable us to quickly assess accurate estimates for design and construction once we know the set of circumstances under which of any given project shall be executed.

These sets of circumstances include ;

  • lot identification and preliminary assesment of existing on site conditions
  • applicable construction and environmental regulation for given site
  • identification of client's requested building size, program and budget allowance
  • interview with client in order to define standards for finishes

We have a huge variety of images and samples to make this last item an easy process. Additionally, we already have a set of pre-designed layouts that are backed up by construction blueprints & construction bids, where standards can easily be discussed and modified in order to increase or reduce the bottom line.

We have proven experience in working via combination of email, skype videoconferencing and can pdf bluprints and files over for reviews during pre-construction phase, as well as progress reporting during construction vie photo reports as well as on-site IP camera that allows our clients to monitor construction progress 24/7 via internet (if site conditions allow for WIFi availability)

Cedral Homes can assist you to select ideal site locations for your A/EPC project by assesing the land purchase value vs. constructibility analysis. Land costs vary greatly when compared per sq. ft based on : not only on location availability of municipal services or neighboring amenities which are also elements of analysis oftenly overseen. Assesment factors include :

  • existing surface and subsurface conditions of lot (floodable land that requires extensive landfilling ? flat vs sloped ? vegetation present in lot is under federal protection or is zoned as developable ?)
  • amount of permitting involved (municipal permit only or an array of federal permits to build in beach front lots ?)
  • distance from urban area to site (where are suppliers located ?...1, 5 or 10 or 40 miles from site ?)
  • availability or lack of availability of municipal services (which will need to be priced in into construction in order to make project operational)

On that same way, Cedral Homes timely andaccurately estimates the bottom line costs for construction which may vary greatly depending on a combination of several factors. To name a few :

  • materials used for finishes is the most evident (example, tile countertop vs. granite countertop)

Upon previously described assesments are completed, Cedral Homes bids work and delivers under turn key agreements.